On April 17th, Freeport Middle School held their spring pep rally to recognize spring sport athletes and to motivate students for FSA. Four FMS teachers volunteered to play a light-hearted game of "Cheeto Head". Each teacher's head was covered with shaving cream and two students from each grade level had one minute to fill their teacher's head with as many cheese balls as possible. Each team worked incredibly hard, but in the end the fifth grade team consisting of Mrs. Nicole Pryor, Mayson Feller, and Adalyn McCormick won! The fifth grade team also won the pep rally with the most overall school spirit.

A special thanks goes to our teacher volunteers, students, MC, and Spirit Stick Handler. 

5th Grade Cheeto Head- Mrs. Nicole Pryor

6th Grade Cheeto Head & Spirit Stick Handler- Mr. Jim Guy

7th Grade Cheeto Head- Ms. Nikkie Fairchild

8th Grade Cheeto Head- Mrs. Jana O'Hara

MC- Ms. Kimberly Miller

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