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Lunch and Breakfast Program

Reduced Price Breakfast (Based on Eligibility) is $.30
Regular Price Breakfast is $1.85
Reduced Price Lunch (Based on Eligibility) is $.40
Regular Price Lunch for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students is $2.85
Regular Price Lunch for 5th Grade students is $2.60
The price of an extra half pint of milk is $.50. Milk will be served only at meals
(Note: Students are not allowed to bring carbonated drinks.)
Adult Breakfast is $2.00
Adult Lunch is $ 4.00

Free/reduced breakfast/lunch forms must be obtained and returned to Mrs. Dickey in the office. Students who were on free/reduced breakfast/lunch the preceding year will be allowed 10 school days to obtain and return a new completed breakfast/lunch form. Students will begin paying on the 11th day of school unless the form is returned and approved for free/reduced breakfast or lunch.

Lunches may be purchased by the day, week or month. Students paying for meals by the week, month, etc. are encouraged to do so on Mondays (or the first day of the school week). When paying for a child's lunch and/or breakfast, please stipulate on the check your child's name and their lunch number so we are sure that it is deposited into the correct account. 

We do not have the funds to allow students to charge lunches, but we are aware that unforeseen events may occur.  If a student does not have lunch money, every effort will be made to contact guardians.  Guardians should take responsibility for monitoring their child’s lunch account.

If students choose to bring their lunch, they may do so. There will be no food in advertised wrappers allowed (for example, food in a Hardee’s or other “named” wrapper). All brought lunches must be brought in plain wrappers. 

Questions regarding student lunch/breakfast accounts should be directed to the school lunchroom manager, Ms. Mary Jo Averell. Ms. Averell can be reached at (850) 892-1221, extension 3215 or at

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