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Curriculum Guide

Florida Standards

Since 2014, all Florida students are instructed and assessed according to a new set of standards called Florida Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts. A description of these standards can be found at .

Academic Grading Scale

For All Grade Levels:          
A 90-100 Outstanding
B 80-89 Above Average
C 70-79 Average
D 60-69 Lowest Passing
F 0-59 Failing
I Incomplete*

*Incomplete-If a student has make-up work due to excused absences or extenuating circumstances and has not completed all assignments by the end of the grading period; an “I” is assigned for the grade. Unless assignments have been completed or special arrangements made with the Principal, the “I” automatically becomes an “F” ten (10) days after the end of the grading period.


Point System For Computing Grades:  To improve accuracy and effectiveness in grading, document student progress, and inform instruction, the point system will be utilized to determine your child’s nine weeks, semester, and yearly averages.  Recording scores with this method will provide a more accurate final average and ensures promotion and retention decisions truly benefit the student. 



Required for Grades 6-8:                                                                             
Language Arts         3 years                                                                      
Mathematics            3 years                                                             
Science                   3 years                                                                         
Social Studies          3 years                                                                     
Physical Education    1/2 semester for 3 years                                               
Career Education      1 semester only (for 8th grade students)
Required for Grade 5:
Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education

Attendance Information

Florida law requires the regular attendance of students during the 180-day school year. Students are expected to be present and to be punctual for all classes. FMS staff will be contacting first period absentee student’s parents/guardians by phone each day. These phone calls are an attempt to verify student absences and maintain student safety. Students are to remain on the school campus during school hours and must receive permission from the office to leave campus.

Excused Absences

· Brief student illness/injury

· Medical/dental appointments

· Death of an immediate family member

· Religious holiday of the specific faith of the student (principal approved)

· Compelled absence (e.g., judicial)

· Natural/major disaster that would justify absence (principal approved)

· School-sponsored/related activity (principal approved)

· Financial or other insurmountable conditions (principal approved)

· Other advanced notice absences (principal approved)

Unexcused Absences

· Unverified absence (absences other than those defined above)

· Truancy

· Missing school bus/oversleeping

· Shopping/pleasure

· Excessive illness (without physician verification that medical condition justifies pattern)

· Failure to communicate the reason for absence(s)

Readmittance to School

Students returning from an absence should report to the FMS Administrative office with a note from the parent/guardian the day the student returns to school. The office will provide the student with a re-admittance pass. Students are allowed up to three (3) days to present a note for an approved absence upon return to school after this time the absence will be unexcused.

Tardy Policy

· To ensure safety, all students who arrive on campus after 7:30 A.M. must have a parent/guardian walk them to the office and sign them in.

· Students reporting to school after 8:05 A.M., without an excuse allowed by the WCSD as described in the Code of Conduct, will be held in the cafeteria until the beginning of 2nd period.

· All tardiness is considered unexcused, unless a valid note/reason is presented.

· The school secretary will document tardiness for first period in FOCUS.

· Instructors will document tardiness for periods two through six in FOCUS and detention will be assigned upon the fourth tardy and for each accumulated tardy per nine weeks.

· This policy will take effect ten (10) days after the first day of school.