Freeport High School Student Receives Transition Award 

Charlie Walker was recently recognized for his outstanding accomplishments in the area of secondary transition. The PAEC Regional Transition Council’s Outstanding Student in Transition award recognizes deserving students that demonstrate leadership and focus in planning and preparing for their transition from school to post school life. Charlie, a senior at Freeport High School, participates in a career prep program that partners Walton County Schools with state agencies and local businesses. The program’s goals are to provide students the opportunity to gain real world work experience while working toward the completion of their high school diploma. Charlie has been very busy building his independence and business skills with Copy Systems Business Center in Santa Rosa Beach as their production manager. Charlie also works in his spare time as a problem solver with Walker’s Kritter Getter Services.  The skills that these work experiences provide are linked to greater success among students exiting their high school careers and entering the work force.  Big thanks go out to Paul Woolman, owner of Copy Systems Business Center for his support and his willingness to work with students interested in developing business and independence skills.


Pictured from Lt to Rt: Charlie Walker, Student Freeport High School, Dennis Oros, Employment Specialist Walton County Schools, Paul Woolman, Owner of Copy Systems Business Center.