Mrs. Vanessa Black, sixth grade math teacher at Walton Middle School, used an AVID inquiry and collaboration strategy to allow students to better understand the process of dividing mixed numbers.  In the lesson, Mrs. Black posed a problem and allowed students an opportunity to first solve it independently.  After working the problem solo, students traveled to different corners of the room based on their decided upon answers.  Each corner represented a like-minded group, who had to defend why and how they arrived at their answers.  Students who were undecided or wished to change their initial answers were allowed to move to different corners if they felt they had sufficient evidence to change their minds.  Throughout the lesson, these young mathematicians engaged in thoughtful and knowledgeable dialogue with each other about how to divide mixed numbers.

Submitted by Kristen Nelson

Picture L to R:  Eddie Burgess, Nicole Foushee, Keneth McCorkle, Nayeli Guerra-Avalos