The Walton County School District prepares and plans to move forward into the 2021-22 school year in true EPIC fashion.  Schools, district staff, parents, and students are attending in person and via Microsoft Teams our annual Manufacturing Day.  Manufacturing Day was envisioned five years ago by Superintendent A. Russell Hughes as a time to “hear the buzz” and “feel the excitement” for the upcoming school year.   Superintendent Hughes began the day with excitement welcoming everyone and clarifying goals and expectations.  He also released the new 2021-22 theme carrying forward with what has become a statewide known term.  Last year as EPIC3 carried on the tradition and this year takes the next step with “EPIC 4wRd”, Recalibrated, Refocused, Ready, and Rocking.  Schools will spend the day planning with their School Improvement Teams with the Superintendent, full district staff, and all resources at the “Ready”!  We are excited looking forward to bringing in the 2021-22 School Year the Walton County Way.