Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) has released their most recent Economic Security Report. The report details the economic outcomes of recent completers from our public postsecondary institutions. Please consider it a useful tool to generate conversations about the potential of the credentials offered by our area technical centers, state colleges and/or universities.

Encouraging families to start college and career conversations early will likely result in higher persistence and success rates. Moreover, it is a statutory requirement to provide a summary of the DEO’s annual Economic Security Report to parents of students in grades 6-12. The 2020 report and summary is now posted at http://www.floridajobs.org/wser-home/products-andservices/public-higher-education.

Florida’s Economic Security Report is just one of the many college and career planning tools available to students and their families. For more information and resources, visit

http://www.fldoe.org/academics/college-career-planning/ or