Walton Middle School hosted "Hearts for the Arts," another successful Title 1 parent training night on Thursday, February 7, 2019.  The event featured a dinner slideshow of creative artwork by Ms. Brittany Grant's art students from the Rosemary Beach Foundation's "Music in Pictures" project.  Artwork from the project also adorned the WMS hallways.  Throughout the night, parents and students rotated through three literacy-themed stations.  One station, led by Ms. Alex Rhodes and Mr. Brendon Murphy, allowed participants to explore the impact of descriptive details on mood and tone through a collaborative lesson.  A second rotation in the library media center, led by Mrs. Kip Baker, informed families about the school's Dave and Buster's reading challenge and all the e-books now available in the LMC.  Families also visited the computer labs and had an opportunity to give their invaluable input about the school by completing the Advanc-Ed parent survey.  In this rotation, Mrs. Gaby Brown and Mrs. Sandy Love showed families how to access the FSA and EOC practice tests and materials on the online Florida Standards Assessment Portal.  Mrs. Diana Gillis and Mrs. Makala Ellenburg, with the assistance of WHS Anchor Club and WMS Builder Club members, graciously entertained young children in the child care center so parents could spend time learning with their older children.  Many WMS teachers and faculty members gave of their time to work together to make the night a meaningful opportunity for celebrating literacy and the arts at Walton Middle School with parents and students.

Submitted by Kristen Nelson