The weekend of EPIC Dune Lakes Competitions continued with the Dune Lakes Odyssey of the Mind teams taking home 2nd Place!

Two Dune Lakes Odyssey of the Mind teams competed in Crestview on Saturday, February 22nd at the Emerald Coast Regional Odyssey of the Mind Competition.

Odyssey Team A, completed the "Longshot problem," where it’s believed a disastrous event is about to occur that will threaten the world and this team must stop it. To succeed the team must send materials from all corners of the world using vehicles that overcome obstacles and travel simultaneously into and out of a Reaction Area. The team created a food volcano that saved the world from food thieves and their vision won 2nd place!

Odyssey Team B, completed the "Networking problem," where networked devices act as characters to keep the world connected. Students must create a performance where communications are transmitted between locations. The catch - fight off malware and pop-ups! The B team created a stellar performance defeating the evil Victoria Virus from taking their musical network hub offline and took home 2nd place.

We are so relieved these students are on our side and the world's future is safe!

Congratulation to these talented Sandpipers! They worked hard and had a lot of fun - EPIC!

Coaches: Nancy Rentz and Ana Tomblin