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Instructions for Utilizing 5th Grade Sites

Think Central Information:
Students have been given their usernames and passwords.  This site has both their reading and science textbooks online.  It also has additional spelling and grammar practice. 
Moby Max Information:
Extra practice on math skills individualized to each student's needs. 
Social Studies Information:
Go to the link for in the links section above.
Click on "Florida."
Click on "Houghtor Mifflin Social Studies."
Click on "United States History."
Click on the specific unit we are studying.
Click on "Interactive Summaries," this is a summary of the lesson we are studying.
Click on "For Kids".
Click on "United States History."
Choose which section you would like to visit:  eWord games which os a vocabulary review, Interactive Maps, which is map skills for different periods of history, or GoeNet which is Goegraphy Trivia.