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At-Home Learning

For at-home learning, students have the option to complete their assignments digitally via designated resources on Classlink or through paper-based portfolios. These paper-based portfolios are meant for students who do not have access to the internet and who cannot complete the assignments online. Weekly paper-based portfolios are available for pick-up each Tuesday at Freeport High School from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm in the food distribution line or Tuesday - Friday at the FMS front office from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you have questions concerning the paper-based portfolio packets, please contact the FMS office at 892-1221.

5th Grade Online Learning Calendar for Week of May 18th

At-Home Learning (Computer-Based)

Contact the Fifth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Cheryl Carroll


Email: [email protected]

Google Voice: 850-404-9971

Remind: Text @fms5thsci to 81010.

Phone: 850-892-1221, ext. 3280

Mrs. Barbara Locke

English Language Arts

Email: [email protected]

Google Voice: 850-404-9250

Remind: Text "@fms5ela" to 81010.

Phone: 850-892-1221, ext. 3257

Mrs. Jill McCoy

Social Studies

Email:   m[email protected]

Google Voice: 850-332-3125

Remind: Text @mrsjillmc to 81010.

Phone: 850-892-1221, ext. 3278

Mrs. McCoy was born and raised in New York City, more specifically, Manhattan. She attended Hunter College where she majored in Physical Education and Health Education and minored in General Education. Mrs. McCoy married her high school sweetheart and moved to Long Island, New York, raised my two wonderful children; John and Jacqueline, while teaching at the same school for 20 years. Then, she and her husband moved to Santa Rosa Beach 10 years ago and are still loving it here.

Mr. Sergio Oalde


Email: [email protected]

Google Voice: 850-483-0169

Remind: Text @38df36 to 81010.

Phone: 850-892-1221, ext. 3279

Mrs. Nicole Pryor


Email: [email protected]

Google Voice: 850-664-0661

Remind: Text @pryor-math to 81010.

Phone: 850-892-1221, ext. 3261

ESE Support Contact Information

Mrs. Ramona Allen

Email: [email protected]

Remind: Text "@49b8k3" to 81010

Phone: 850-892-1221, ext. 3273

Mrs. Amanda English

Email: [email protected]

Remind: Text "@englishese" to 81010.

Google Voice: 850-404-9736

Phone: 850-892-1221, ext. 3269

Archived Learning Resources