Attention ILDA (Innovative Learning Digital Academy) students and parents/guardians:

All Freeport Middle School students are provided four (4) progress monitoring opportunities throughout the school year in Reading and Math through Renaissance Place’s STAR assessment. Our school and district utilize this data to track the progress of our students. STAR data assists teachers in planning their instruction. Additionally, STAR data assists us in providing meaningful and specific remediation and enrichment opportunities for each student’s needs.

Students participating in the traditional brick and mortar educational setting will be taking the STAR test on campus during normal school hours. All FMS students must participate in testing. To ensure test validity, we are encouraging ILDA students to take the assessment on campus.  ILDA students that do not come on campus to take the STAR assessment this week will have to make arrangements with their math and ELA teachers to assess virtually.

To ensure student safety, we are implementing the following procedures:

- Only 20 students can test on campus at a time. Students should sign up for a slot using the link at the bottom of this post.  The second test administration window is October 26-29.
- Students will be expected to take the STAR Math and STAR Reading tests during the same sitting (unless they register for multiple slots).
- Testing for ILDA students will occur after school hours when there are only teachers on campus.
- Testing will occur in the cafeteria. A deep sanitization will occur before and after testing.
- Testing stations will be at least 6 feet apart.
- ILDA students should bring their WCSD-issued devices from home to test, ensuring minimal contact with objects on campus.
- A health questionnaire and temperature screening will be provided upon entry.

Other Information:
- Parents of ILDA students may wait in their vehicles or pick up their student when he/she is finished.
- One or two teachers will be proctoring the assessment and will be wearing masks.

- Refer all testing content questions to your child’s teacher.
- Refer all testing registration questions to Mrs. Ellison at [email protected].
- Refer all questions regarding student safety measures to Mr. Olson ([email protected]) or Mrs. Smith ([email protected]).

You may register for testing at: